UKMOVNOW on Firestick | Install Latest UkMovNow App on Amazon Fire TV

UKMOVNOW on Firestick | Install Latest UkMovNow App on Amazon Fire TV, Over the last couple of years, I have seen more on-demand movie and TV show apps than I hadn’t seen in several years before that. Choices are good but too many of them leave me baffled. There are so many such apps to pick from, making a choice is not easy. But, as the fate would have it, I have stumbled upon some quality entertainment apps that have spared me the hassles of looking out. UkMovnow on Firestick is one such app I can rely on whenever I feel like watching a movie or an episode.

UKMovNow brings to you a huge range of movies, TV shows and other types of on-demand content. The app has a friendly, easy to use interface. In this guide, I am going to show you how to install UKMovNow on FireStick. Keep reading!


You don’t need to do something very special. FireStick has a security setup which prevents the third-party applications from getting automatically installed on the device. This is to keep your FireStick safe and out of the harm’s way. But, it is not always unsafe to install third-party apps. Some apps, such as UKMovNow, are safe.

To install UKMovNow on FireStick, here is what you need to do first:

#1 On the FireStick home-screen, hover over Settings

#2 When the Settings options are displayed, highlight and open ‘Device’

#3 Now, choose Developer Options from the next set of options

#4 Select ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’. If this is the first time you are going to install any third-party app, this option must be OFF. Click it and it will turn ON

#5 The warning message says that it is not safe to keep Apps from Unknown Sources ON. But, UKMovNow will cause no harm. So, go ahead and choose ‘Turn on

Note: If you are concerned about the safety of your FireStick device, you may disable the Apps from Unknown Sources after installing UKMovNow


I am now going to guide you through two methods to install UKMovNow app on your FireStick device:

Method 1: Using ES File Explorer

Method 2: Using Downloader App

Why two methods you may ask? For the simple reason that I want you to know your options so you may choose the one you prefer more.

I have always said that I like Downloader more, but I also like ES File Explorer. Both these tools help me side load apps without any fuss. Downloader is a tad quicker. But, in some regions outside the USA you may not find this app in Amazon Store.

Method 1: Install UKMovNow on FireStick with ES File Explorer

Side loading may sound like a big deal, but you can always keep it simple. It is all about finding the right APK file of the app you wish to install.

I will first help you side load the UKMovNow APK on FireStick with ES File Explorer. Later, we will see how we can do the same with Downloader.

Install ES File Explorer from Amazon Store and the follow the step by step instructions below:

#1 Run ES File Explorer

#2 Click Tools on the left side to expand it and then select and open ‘Download Manager’ underneath it

Alternately, you can click ‘Downloader’ option on the right side on the main-screen of ES File Explorer

#3 On the right side, on the bottom, you should see a bunch of options. Navigate to the leftmost and click ‘+ New’

#4 A small sub-window should pop-up within ES Explorer titled ‘Download’ with two empty text fields Path and Name

Path :

In the Name section type in any name you want to label the APK with. It won’t make any difference. For consistency purposes, I am entering ‘ukmovnow’

When that’s done, click “Download Now”

Note: For easy typing, using the Amazon Fire TV Remote App on your mobile

#5 ES File Explore will start fetching and downloading the UKMovNow APK on FireStick. The file size is less than 10MB and UKMovNow download on FireStick takes no more than a minute

#6 When the download is finished, click ‘Open file’ option on the dialogue box

#7 Go ahead and click the ‘Install’ option on the next window

#8 FireStick will now ask if you wish to install the application. It will also show you different accesses the app will have.

Use the navigation button to highlight and click the INSTALL option on the bottom right

#9 Let the system install UkMovNow on FireStick

#10 ‘App Installed’ notification confirms that UkMovNow has been installed on FireStick.

Click ‘Open’ and open UkMovNow directly.

Or, click ‘Done’ and go back to the ES Explorer

You have successfully installed UKMovNow on FireStick.

Now, before we get started with the Downloader method, I would recommend you to delete the UKMovNow APK file that you downloaded earlier. This file is no longer needed and will only unnecessarily consume the limited storage space of the device. Here is how you can delete the file:

  • Expand the ‘Local’ option on the left side of the ES File Explorer app
  • Click the ‘Home’ option (the second one)
  • Now, open ‘Download’ folder on the right side
  • Select the UkMovNow APK
  • Hold down the Select button on your remote
  • Click the Delete icon on the bottom panel

Method 2: Install UKMovNow on FireStick with Downloader

While ES File Explorer is a more popular app, mostly in its capacity as a file manager tool, Downloader is more widely used to side load APKs on FireStick.

Go ahead and install Downloader app. You can refer to our detailed guide for help. It will also show you how to enable JavaScript in Downloader.

When you have Downloader, follow the steps below to install UKMovNow on FireStick:

#1 Go ahead and open Downloader

#2 The Home tab on the left side is selected by default when you open Downloader (else click it)

On the right side is the text filed to type in the source URL. Select this filed and press the Select button on the remote

#3 This should bring up the virtual keyboard on the screen.

Use your remote or Amazon Fire TV Remote app to type in the following URL


Hit ‘Go’ button when you are ready

#4 Wait for UKMovNow APK on FireStick to download

#5 The moment the APK is downloaded, you will be presented with the Installation confirmation window.

Go ahead and hit ‘Install’

#6 Allow the installation to complete. It barely takes a minute.

App Installed notification window will then pop-up.

Click ‘DONE’ and return to the Downloader window

#7 You can now delete the UKMovnow APK directly without having to go to the Download folder.

Click ‘Delete’ on the prompt and then click ‘Delete’ again to confirm your action

That’s it! This is how we download and install UKMovNow on FireStick using the Downloader app.


Press down the ‘Home’ button on your FireStick remote to bring up a full-screen menu. Open ‘Apps’ from the menu and go to Your Apps & Channels. Scroll down to the bottom to select the UKMovNow icon. This is where you can run the app from.

If you intend to access UkMovNow frequently, you might want to place the icon on the home-screen of FireStick. To do that, go to Your Apps & Channels again and follow the steps below:

  • Select the UKMovNow app icon
  • Hold down the Center button (or the Select button) on the FireStick remote for a few seconds
  • Use the navigation buttons to move the app icon to the topmost row to the position where you want to place it
  • Press the Select button again to drop the icon at the desired spot


UKMovNow works great on your FireStick device. It is a remote friendly app designed for larger screens. As you have learned in this guide, this app has to be side loaded onto FireStick and Fire TV. Yet, I assure you that the app is safe and puts your device in no harm. I have installed and used this app myself. How did you like this guide? Let us know by typing in your comment below.

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