How to Install The Movie DB App on Amazon FireStick or Fire TV Device

The Movie DB is an entertainment app created for the Android platform. Since, FireStick runs on the customized Android, you can easily install this app on this device using the APK file. The Movie DB on FireStick offers you a solid collection of movies and TV shows. You can watch all the popular movie titles and TV show episodes from last few years.

The Movie DB is a free app without any in-app purchases. Even though there are a lot of entertainment apps out there, but The Movie DB app is among the few that are worth writing about. In this guide, I will show you how to install The Movie DB on FireStick. We will use two methods to walk you through the installation process – ES File Explorer app and Downloader app. Each process takes just a few minutes. Here is how this guide has been laid out:

  1. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
  2. Install The Movie DB using ES File Explorer
  3. Install The Movie DB using Downloader

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The Movie DB is a third-party application, which you will not find in the Amazon Store. Such apps are considered by FireStick from ‘Unknown Sources.’ We need to give special permission to FireStick to install such apps. Here is what you need to do

1) When you are on the Firestick home-screen, use the navigation buttons on your remote to select ‘Settings’ option on the top.

When you open Settings, click ‘Device’

2) Now, highlight and click ‘Developer Options’ from the list

3) Go ahead and select ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’. It is OFF by default. We need to turn it ON. Click this option.

4) The following warning shows up on the screen. Do not worry about it as The Movie DB app is safe. Click ‘Turn on’

Now, you can install The Movie DB on FireStick without any hassles.  


Two methods are there one is using the ES file Explorer and the other is using Download App. A lot of people prefer Downloader to side load apps on FireStick. Both the apps are good, and it boils down to the personal preferences. We will see ES File Explorer Method after this.

First, install Downloader app on FireStick from the Amazon Store. When you have downloaded the app, make sure you enable JavaScript from the Settings.

Steps to install The Movie DB on FireStick using Downloader App:

#1 Run the Downloader app and click the ‘Home’ option on the left panel (the Home option is selected by default when you run the app)

On the right you will see the cursor blinking in the URL field by default. If this field is not selected, highlight it using the navigation buttons and press ‘Select’ on the remote

#2 The onscreen keypad will appear.  Enter the following URL using the keypad and Click ‘Go’ to continue


Note: You may also type using the Amazon Fire TV Remote App for Android and iOS.

#3 Downloader app will start to download The Movie DB APK on FireStick. Again, it should not take more than a couple of minutes.

When the download is complete, the installation process will start automatically. You should see the following prompt asking for your confirmation to install The Movie DB app.

Navigate to the bottom right and click ‘Install’

#4 Now, all you need to do is let the device install the app and wait for the ‘App installed’ notification to appear.

  • The notification window, just like before, has two buttons – Done & Open
  • When you click ‘Open’ the app opens off the notification window.
  • But, let’s click ‘Done’ for now as we need to go back to the Downloader app and wrap up one last thing

#5 When you are back on the Downloader app interface, you will see a prompt as in the following image.

We are going to delete The Movie DB APK from the storage. It is no longer needed as you have already installed the app.

Select and click the ‘Delete’ button.

#7 To verify whether the APK file has been deleted or not, click ‘Files’ option on the left.

  • If it says ‘No files found in download folder’ it means the APK has been removed.

#8 And, that’s how you install The Movie DB on FireStick through the Downloader app. Just like before, go to the ‘Your Apps & Channels’ to run the app.


ES File Explorer is not just a file manager. It can do a lot more than manage your files. It is also widely used to side load apps to FireStick and other Android devices. If you don’t have the app, you will want to install ES File Explorer first.

After installing ES File Explorer, you can get started with the installation process of The Movie DB on FireStick, as I have demonstrated below.

Step 1: Launch ES File Explorer from the ‘Your Apps & Channels’ section of FireStick. You should now see some options on the left column/sidebar of the app. Scroll down using the navigation button of your remote. Highlight and expand ‘Tools’ (as you see in the image below)

Now, you will see another set of options within Tools. Click ‘Download Manager’ to continue

Step 2: You should now see on the right of the screen a strip on the bottom with more options. Highlight and click ‘+New’ here

Step 3: This will pop up a new dialogue box where you will enter the Path and Name and Click ‘Download Now’ to proceed.


Name: Any Name You Like. I am going to name it TMDB.

Having problems typing with your FireStick physical remote? You can download Amazon Fire TV Remote app and type into FireStick from your Android or iOS devices.

Step 4: ES File Explorer will start to download The Movie DB on FireStick. The APK file is less than 70MB and should not take more than a couple of minutes to download (depending upon the speed of your internet connection)

Once the app has been downloaded, you will see this pop-up window.

Click ‘Open file’ to continue

Step 5: Download part is complete. Now, we install the app.

On the next screen, click ‘Install’ button to install The Movie DB on FireStick

Step 6: You will now see another prompt. This prompt is asking for your confirmation to install the Movie DB app.

Go ahead and click the ‘Install’ button, which you see on the bottom right

Step 7: When the app is installed, you should see the notification saying, ‘App installed’.

On this notification window there are two buttons – ‘Done’ and ‘Open’

Click ‘Open’ and run the app right away. To go back to the ES File Explorer interface, tap ‘Done’. You can always open the app later from the ‘Your Apps & Channels’ area.

Step 8: Well, this is exactly how you install The Movie DB on FireStick using the ES File Explorer app.

To access the ‘Your Apps & Channels’ and to open the app, press and hold the ‘Home’ button on the remote for about 2-3 seconds. Click ‘Apps’ on the new window that appears.

Step 9: You will want to scroll down to the bottom of the list using the navigation buttons on the remote. The apps that have been installed recently appear here.

If you would like to see The Movie DB app on the home-screen of FireStick, select the app icon, press the menu button on the remote, then click ‘Move’ on the pop-up that appears on the bottom right of the screen


You can use any of the two methods to install The Movie DB on FireStick. I have provided two methods so that you can pick what you like the best. I like having alternatives and hence I like to share them with you. I’ve noticed that The Movie DB app works fine on FireStick for the most part, but sometimes it does not respond well to remote commands. Sadly, I haven’t found any solution to this problem yet. If I do find any, I will update this guide. Overall, I like The Movie DB app as it has a decent collection and plays my titles in good quality. If there is anything on your mind please let us know by typing in your comment below.  

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