ES File Explorer on Firestick: Steps to Install ES File Explorer on Amazon Fire TV

ES File Explorer on Firestick: When it comes to side-loading apps on FireStick, Downloader is the name that comes to our mind first. Downloader is one of the most widely used app installer for FireStick and Fire TV platforms. But, we all can’t get this app as it is geo-restricted to certain countries, such as the USA. I have also noticed that Downloader gets taken down from the Amazon Store sometimes.

When Downloader app on Firestick is not an option for you, ES File Explorer on Firestick is the best alternative to consider. In fact, even if you could get Downloader, I would still highly recommend ES File Explorer to you. This app is not just an app-installer, it is more than that. ES File Explorer App is probably the most popular file manager application worldwide.

ES File Explorer on Amazon Firestick device lets you quickly download and install the APK through the source URL. It also lets you explore and manage your files and folders. In fact, this app also helps you access your FireStick storage from another device, such as a computer, on the same Wi-Fi network.

In this guide, we learn how to install ES File Explorer on Firestick and how to use it to side load apps on Fire Tv device. Keep reading!


ES File Explorer is the part of the Amazon Store app library. You can install it easily in a few quick steps. Here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure you are on the FireStick home-screen. If not, close any applications and repeatedly press the back button on your remote until you are there
  • Use the left direction button on your remote to select the lens icon on the top-left corner of the FireStick home-screen. You will see a window like the one you can see in the image below
  • Use your remote and type in ‘ES File Explorer’ (without the quotes) with the help of the on-screen keypad. After typing in the first few letters, you will see ES File Explorer in the search results. Highlight it and then press the select button on your remote to open it.
  • You can use Fire Tv Remote app to type easily. This app on your mobile phone acts as a remote. You can read our guide on How to Get Amazon Fire TV Remote App
  • Now, go ahead and click the ‘ES File Explorer’ icon on the next screen
  • Now click the yellow download button on the screen to download and install ES File Explorer on Kodi

It will take about a minute or two to install this app. Once it is installed, ‘Open’ button will appear on the screen. Click the Open button to launch ES File Explorer right away. You may also open the app later from the ‘Your Apps & Games’ section of FireStick.


Now that you have installed the ES File Explorer app, let me show you how you can side load any app on FireStick from an online source.

Please note that you will need the direct link to the APK file for this method to work. It will not work with the webpages containing the download link. But, that’s okay. On our website, we will always share the direct path to the APK.

So, here is how it goes,

  • Launch ES File Explorer and you must see this default screen
  • Scroll down and click ‘Tools’ on the left to expand it. Now, click the ‘Download Manager’ option from the list of options in ‘Tools’
  • As you can see, there are four options on the bottom of the screen on the right. Click ‘+ New’ on the bottom bar.
  • Now you will see the ‘Download’ dialogue box. In the ‘Path’ field, enter the direct link to the APK file saved on any server.
  • In the Name field, enter any desired name you would like to give to this source. But, make it relevant. For instance, if I am downloading Kodi Krypton, I will name it so.
  • Once you have added the source and entered the name, click ‘Download Now’ button and follow the onscreen instructions to install the APK file.
  • Depending upon the size of the APK you are downloading, it may take from a few to several minutes. Once the app is installed, you will see the ‘App Installed’ notification along with two buttons ‘Open’ and ‘Done’.
  • Click ‘Open’ to open ES Explorer right away or click ‘Done’ to go back to the home screen and open the app later.


Every FireStick user must have ES File Explorer, whether or not they intend to side load any APKs. ES Explorer is not just an APK installer, it is a versatile tool that primarily works as a file manager. I use this app on my FireStick as well as smartphones. The installation steps I have laid out above are rather straightforward. Yet, if you run into any troubles, feel free to get back to us by writing a comment below.

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