OpenLoad Shut Down by Anti-Piracy Alliance

Openload and its affiliated services have been permanently shut down as a result of the anti-piracy campaign led by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). This closure has affected various Openload domains, including the popular Streamango, and has also involved Openload agreeing to pay substantial damages to concerned parties.

Openload, known for file hosting, had, over time, become a repository for pirated video content. Astonishingly, it garnered more traffic than legitimate streaming platforms such as HBO Go and Hulu.

Numerous third-party streaming services had relied on Open load and its associated domains for streaming links. Unfortunately, with the shutdown, this access has been permanently revoked.

Any attempts to access Openload and its associated domains now result in errors, and users may even be redirected to the ACE website,

With hundreds of servers spanning several countries and over 60 million monthly users, Openload had become a significant concern for copyright holders. Openload’s owners and ACE reached an agreement, leading the file-hosting service to shut down and compensate for damages, recognizing the implications of their actions and the scale of their user base.

How does it affect our OpenLoad users?

In light of these developments, it’s essential for users to explore alternative avenues:

Real Debrid emerges as one of the best alternatives to Open load. It offers cost-effective access to numerous high-quality streams, consistently generating premium streaming links and outperforming Openload in reliability. You can find a guide on how to set up and use Real Debrid for your convenience.

While alternatives exist, users are strongly encouraged to respect copyright laws by streaming content available in the public domain. It is essential to abide by legal and ethical standards.

Moreover, considering the potential exposure of user data during such incidents, it is advisable to prioritize user privacy. Investing in a reputable Virtual Private Network (VPN) is recommended. ExpressVPN is a top choice, known for its military-grade privacy measures, fast speeds, and strict no-log policy. Additionally, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a valuable option, especially for short-term VPN needs.

For further assistance and information, explore the following resources:

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In conclusion, despite Open load’s closure, numerous alternative streaming options remain available. It is paramount for users to adhere to copyright laws and opt for legal sources for their entertainment needs. Prioritizing online privacy through a VPN ensures security and peace of mind. Enjoy your online streaming responsibly!

Why is Openload Not Working?

Openload, a popular file-hosting and streaming platform, is no longer operational due to various factors that led to its shutdown. Here’s why Open load is not working:

1. Anti-Piracy Actions

  • ACE’s Anti-Piracy Campaign: Openload’s demise can be attributed to the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), an organization committed to combating piracy. ACE launched a campaign against Openload, leading to legal actions and pressure on the platform.

2. Copyright Violations

  • Pirated Content: Openload had gained notoriety for hosting a vast amount of pirated video content, making it a prime target for copyright holders. The platform allowed users to upload and share copyrighted material without proper authorization.

3. Legal Complications

  • Legal Settlement: Openload’s owners faced legal challenges and opted for a settlement. As part of this settlement, Openload agreed to cease its services permanently and pay damages to copyright holders.

4. Domain Shutdown

  • Closure of Domains: The shutdown affected multiple Openload domains, including Streamango, making it impossible to access content hosted on these platforms.

5. ACE’s Redirect

  • ACE’s Website: Attempting to access Openload or its associated domains now leads users to the ACE website (

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