CotoMovies Shut Down, Shares User Data with Authorities

CotoMovies Permanently Shuts Down and Considers Sharing User Data

Closure Due to Legal Pressure

CotoMovies Shut Down, Shares User Data with Authorities, CotoMovies, a well-known streaming service, has taken the decision to permanently shut down its app. This move came after relentless pressure from the copyright holders of the movies “Hellboy” and “Angel Has Fallen.”

Developer’s Announcement

In a public statement, the developers of CotoMovies expressed their regret for their role in inducing and contributing to copyright infringements through the operation of their app. They acknowledged the harm caused to creators and investors in the film industry and pledged to fully respect intellectual property laws.

User Data Sharing

The most notable part of the announcement was the indication that the owners of CotoMovies might share their users’ personal information with the authorities. This raised concerns about user privacy.

Possible Legal Actions

According to a statement made to TorrentFreak by the legal representative of the movie copyright owners, there is a high likelihood of legal actions being taken against users of the CotoMovies app.

What Users Should Consider

While some users turned to free apps like CotoMovies to stream content, it’s important to remember that violating copyright laws can have legal consequences. Privacy is also crucial, and users are advised to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to safeguard their online activities.

One recommended VPN is ExpressVPN, which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a special discount on annual plans. Balancing the desire for free content with respect for copyright laws and individual privacy remains essential in the digital age.

What Happened to CotoMovies?

CotoMovies, a popular streaming service, recently faced significant challenges that led to its closure and raised concerns among its users.

1. Legal Pressure and Closure

Copyright Infringement: CotoMovies provided access to copyrighted movies without proper licensing, leading to allegations of copyright infringement.

Pressure from Copyright Holders: The creators and owners of movies like “Hellboy” and “Angel Has Fallen” took legal action against CotoMovies for unauthorized distribution of their content. This legal pressure prompted the closure of the CotoMovies app.

2. Developer’s Apology and Decision

Public Apology: In response to the legal actions, the developers of CotoMovies issued a public statement expressing their regret. They acknowledged their role in contributing to copyright infringements and the harm caused to the creators of these movies.

Commitment to Intellectual Property Laws: The developers committed to respecting intellectual property laws moving forward and urged users to switch to legal alternatives for watching movies.

3. User Data Concerns

Possible Data Sharing: A significant concern arose when it was hinted that the owners of CotoMovies might share user data with the authorities. This raised privacy issues for former users of the service.

4. Potential Legal Actions Against Users

Copyright Holders’ Intentions: The legal representatives of the movie copyright holders indicated that they are considering pursuing legal actions against users who utilized the CotoMovies app to access copyrighted content.


In summary, CotoMovies faced legal challenges related to copyright infringement, resulting in its permanent closure. The developers publicly apologized and pledged to adhere to intellectual property laws. Concerns over potential user data sharing and legal actions against app users have emerged in the aftermath. This case underscores the importance of respecting copyright laws and considering the legal and privacy implications when using streaming services.

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