Gears TV Reloaded IPTV Shut Down: FBI Seizes All Assets

Gears TV Reloaded, a popular IPTV service, has been forced to close down due to a crackdown by the FBI. The service’s founder, OMI IN A HELLCAT, who also owns the successful eponymous publication, released a 36-minute video explaining the details of this crackdown. The FBI has reportedly seized most of the founder’s assets and cars, and charges for piracy and money laundering are likely.

Recent crackdowns, including One Nation Builds and Kodi UK TV Repository, have been taking place. Prior to these, the well-known streaming links provider Openload was also taken down due to legal actions by authorities.

What are the alternatives?

For those seeking alternatives, there are several options to watch cable TV at an affordable price, such as Sapphire Secure IPTV, Sportz TV, and Helix TV IPTV. You can also explore our list of Best IPTV Services for more choices. Additionally, there are some Live TV APKs available, but they may not match the quality of paid IPTV services.

How does it affect users?

The impact on users during such crackdowns is that developers often cooperate with authorities and may be required to share any user data they have logged. While this is somewhat unlikely, it could potentially lead to actions against the users of these services. To minimize risks, it’s advisable not to engage in copyright violations and instead prioritize your privacy and online security.

Using a VPN is highly recommended when using third-party services like Gears TV Reloaded IPTV. A VPN will hide your online identity and ensure complete anonymity. Opt for a reliable VPN that offers high speed and strict no-logging policies.

I personally use ExpressVPN on all my streaming devices and recommend it to you as well. They offer dedicated apps for popular devices, including Fire TV/Stick, and currently have a 49% discount and an extra 3-month subscription with their annual plan. Moreover, they provide a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee, allowing you to use it for free for 30 days and cancel if not needed.

Why was Gears TV illegal?

Illegal Streaming Services

Illegal streaming services like Gears TV operate outside the boundaries of copyright laws, which are in place to protect content creators and the entertainment industry. These services offer access to copyrighted content, such as movies, TV shows, and sports events, without proper authorization.

Copyright Infringement:

Unauthorized Distribution

Gears TV, like many other IPTV services, distributed copyrighted content without obtaining the necessary permissions from content owners. This act of unauthorized distribution is considered copyright infringement and is illegal.

Piracy Concerns:

Unlawful Access

Gears TV allowed users to access premium channels and content without paying for the appropriate subscriptions. This not only deprived content creators of their rightful earnings but also encouraged unlawful access to intellectual property.

Impact on Creators:

Financial Losses

The illegal distribution of content by Gears TV resulted in significant financial losses for content creators and legitimate streaming services. It disrupted the industry’s revenue streams and undermined the ability of creators to produce more content.

Legal Consequences:

Law Enforcement Actions

Due to its illegal activities, Gears TV faced legal actions by law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI. The service’s founder and operators could be charged with piracy, copyright infringement, and money laundering.

Did IPTV get shut down?

Ongoing Legal Scrutiny

IPTV services, which provide television content over the internet, have faced increased legal scrutiny in recent years. This has resulted in some IPTV services being shut down, while others continue to operate.

Services Shutdown:

Crackdown by Authorities

Several IPTV services have been shut down due to legal actions taken by authorities. These actions are primarily aimed at services that offer copyrighted content without proper authorization.

Examples of Shutdowns

Notable examples of IPTV services that have been shut down include Gears TV Reloaded, which faced a crackdown by the FBI, and Openload, a popular streaming links provider that was taken down due to legal actions.

Ongoing Services:

Surviving Alternatives

Despite the shutdowns, many IPTV services are still operational. Some providers have taken steps to legitimize their offerings by obtaining proper licensing and permissions for the content they provide.

User Caution

Users of IPTV services should exercise caution and ensure they are using legitimate and authorized services to avoid potential legal issues.

Who is the owner of Gears IPTV?

The Founder of Gears IPTV

The owner of Gears IPTV, also known as Gears TV Reloaded, is OMI IN A HELLCAT. He is the individual responsible for creating and developing the Gears IPTV service.


A Prominent Figure

OMI IN A HELLCAT gained prominence in the world of IPTV and online streaming due to his involvement with Gears TV Reloaded. He not only founded the service but also played a central role in its operation.

Legal Troubles:

Crackdown and Seizures

OMI IN A HELLCAT faced legal troubles related to the operation of Gears TV Reloaded. The service was shut down following a crackdown by the FBI, and there were reports of the FBI seizing many of his assets and cars. He is likely to face charges related to piracy and money laundering.

Impact on Gears IPTV:

Closure and Legal Consequences

The involvement of OMI IN A HELLCAT in Gears IPTV had significant implications for the service, ultimately leading to its closure and legal actions against its founder.

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