[Winners Announced] Mega GiveAway: 20 FireStick / Fire TV Cube

We’ve selected all 20 lucky winners for our Thanksgiving 2019 Mega GiveAway on FireStickTricks.com. Congratulations to each of our winners!

Fire TV Cube Winner:

Fire TV Stick 4K Winners:

Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen Winners:

All winners will soon receive an email requesting details for device delivery.Mega GiveAway, Please check your inbox and respond promptly.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, FireStickTricks.com has given away 20 FireStick and Fire TV devices as a token of appreciation to our valued users who’ve contributed to our success.

To participate in our Thanksgiving Mega GiveAway, users had the chance to win the following prizes:

  • Fire TV Cube – 1 (One)
  • Fire TV Stick 4K – 6 (Six)
  • Fire Stick 2nd Gen – 13 (Thirteen)

Winners were announced on November 28, 2019, and were notified through our email newsletter.

Entering the Mega GiveAway was simple; participants could use the Mega GiveAway widget at the end of the post, logging in with either Facebook or their Email ID. Mega GiveAway, There were seven ways to enter the Mega GiveAway, with each entry carrying a different point value (from 1 to 5). More entries increased the chances of winning.

Important points to remember about the Mega GiveAway:

  • Social media shares had to be set to “Public” to qualify.
  • Winners were chosen randomly based on participation.
  • Multiple accounts were not allowed, and spam protection was in place.
  • Participants were encouraged to use their genuine social media accounts.

Thank you to all participants and congratulations again to the lucky winners!

Is there a monthly fee for Fire TV Cube?

Understanding Fire TV Cube Costs

The Fire TV Cube is a popular streaming device offered by Amazon, and it does not come with a mandatory monthly fee for its basic functionality. However, there are important points to consider regarding its costs.

One-Time Purchase:

Upfront Cost

When you buy a Fire TV Cube, you make a one-time purchase of the device itself. This means you pay for the hardware upfront, and it’s yours to keep.

Optional Subscription Services:

Additional Content Options

While there isn’t a required monthly fee for using the Fire TV Cube, it’s important to note that there are optional subscription services available that you can choose to subscribe to. These services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and others, offer a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and exclusive series.

Internet and Data Costs:

Internet Connection Required

To use the Fire TV Cube effectively, you need a reliable internet connection, which may come with its own monthly fee from your internet service provider. Additionally, Mega GiveAway streaming content through the device may consume data if you have a data cap on your internet plan, potentially leading to additional data charges.

What does the Amazon Fire TV Cube do?

Overview of Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a versatile entertainment device that offers a range of features for a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience. Mega GiveAway, It combines the functionality of a streaming media player with the convenience of voice control, making it a popular choice among users.

Streaming Media Player:

Access to Streaming Services

The Fire TV Cube allows you to access a wide variety of streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more. Mega GiveAway, It enables you to stream movies, TV shows, and even live TV channels through compatible apps.

Voice Control:

Hands-Free Operation

One of its standout features is hands-free voice control. Mega GiveAway, You can use voice commands to navigate through content, search for movies or shows, control playback, adjust volume, and even check the weather or get answers to questions using Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

Smart Home Integration:

Control Smart Devices

The Fire TV Cube can also serve as a central hub for your smart home. With compatible devices, you can use voice commands to control lights, thermostats, and other smart appliances, creating a more connected and convenient living space.

4K Ultra HD and HDR:

High-Quality Video

For an enhanced viewing experience, the Fire TV Cube supports 4K Ultra HD streaming and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. This means you can enjoy sharper and more vibrant visuals when watching compatible content.

Live TV and DVR:

Access to Live Channels

You can use the Fire TV Cube to access live TV channels and even integrate it with compatible DVR devices to record your favorite shows for later viewing.

Does fire cube support 4K?

Understanding 4K Capability

The Fire TV Cube from Amazon indeed supports 4K resolution, providing users with a high-quality and immersive viewing experience.

4K Ultra HD Streaming:

Sharper and Crisper Visuals

With 4K Ultra HD support, the Fire TV Cube allows you to stream content in stunning detail and clarity. This means you can enjoy movies, TV shows, and videos with sharper images, vibrant colors, and more lifelike visuals.

High Dynamic Range (HDR):

Enhanced Contrast and Colors

In addition to 4K support, the Fire TV Cube also offers compatibility with High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. HDR technology enhances the contrast and color range, resulting in even more realistic and visually striking images.

Optimized for 4K TVs:

Perfect for Modern TVs

The Fire TV Cube is an ideal companion for modern 4K Ultra HD televisions. It’s designed to make the most of your 4K TV’s capabilities, ensuring that you can enjoy content to its fullest potential.

Access to 4K Content:

Streaming Services and Apps

With the Fire TV Cube, you can access a wide range of streaming services and apps that offer 4K content, including popular platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and more.

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