How to Turn Off Amazon Fire TV Stick

In this publish, I will display you ways to show off your FireStick. The strategies in this guide practice to Fire Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube as well.

Some FireStick remotes now include a energy button. However, this button has nothing to do with FireStick itself.

The energy button, quantity controls, and mute button synch with the IR profile of your TV. When you turn the volume up or down with your FireStick remote, you’re surely changing the extent of the TV.

Similarly, while you push the power button, you are turning off your TV. Even while your TV is off, FireStick is still walking.

The precise aspect approximately FireStick or Fire TV is that it turns itself off robotically whilst left idle for a while (20 mins). So, even if you just became the TV off, after 20 minutes, FireStick gets turned off automatically.

However, in case you need to turn it off manually, that is in which the methods on this guide will come into the photograph.

Remember that FireStick doesn’t in reality get close down. There isn’t any manner to switch it off except you unplug it from the energy source. Turning off implies that you are placing it in Sleep mode.

How to show off FireStick / Fire TV

In this section, you’ll find 3 strategies to turn your FireStick off.

Method 1: Turn FireStick OFF from the home menu

This one might be the easiest manner to show your FireStick OFF. However, as I said in advance, you aren’t absolutely shutting down your FireStick. You are absolutely putting it in the sleep mode.

So, right here is how you positioned your FireStick to sleep:

1. Hold down the Home button in your FireStick faraway for at least 5 seconds

The concept is to preserve the Home button pressed until you notice the subsequent popup window


3. Now, truly click Sleep choice on the screen (photograph above)

You will observe that your tool has gone to sleep and the display screen has turned all black.

To awaken FireStick, you honestly want to press any button on the FireStick remote.

Method 2: Turn FireStick OFF from the Settings

The Settings menu additionally helps you to placed FireStick to sleep. Again, you are not surely turning the device OFF, you are simply sending it to sleep mode

Follow the steps under:

1. Go to the house display screen of FireStick

If you are not there already, press the Home button on the far flung once

2. Now, pick Settings in the menu bar


3. When you are right here, pick and click on the choice My Fire TV

My Fire TV
My Fire TV

4. Scroll and choose the option Sleep


Your FireStick will now go to sleep. Again, press any button on the faraway to convey it back from the sleep mode.

Method three: Unplug FireStick from the strength source

This might also appear rather too apparent, however it’s miles the most effective way to simply turn OFF or shut down your FireStick.

Even while FireStick is in sleep mode, it continues going for walks in the heritage. Most of its capabilities are disabled inside the sleep mode. However, many maintain running.

To flip FireStick OFF, you can either flip the electricity transfer off, pull the FireStick adapter out of the energy supply, or pull the energy cable out of the device itself.

This might shut down the device. It is also a kind of hard reboot.

Wrapping Up

Amazon has not provided any functionality to shut down your FireStick. However, you may positioned it in sleep mode. When in the sleep mode, your tool runs with minimum features. You can flip it returned on by in reality urgent any button on the remote. So, that’s quite an awful lot the way you do it.

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