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Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

In this newsletter, we can discuss the numerous Kodi issues and their viable solutions. If your Kodi isn’t always operating, it could be due to many reasons. In my several years of revel in Kodi, I even have run into several troubles and features frequently questioned – instead frustratingly – why is Kodi now not running? But, I have also realized that maximum of the Kodi troubles can be looked after with a few as alternative easy fixes.

Kodi Not Working – Common Fixes

I will place the Kodi issues into wide categories – neighborhood and server-associated. The local troubles are something that we will commonly discover a way to. However, if there’s a server trouble, there isn’t a splendid deal we will do approximately it. It is up to the developers to take care of such issues and all we will do is wait out. Following are the commonplace troubles and fixes for Kodi media players.

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1. Always Use a VPN with Kodi

Is Kodi not operating? Well, there may be a risk your ISP is blocking the streaming requests originating from Kodi. Yes, ISPs are regarded for such practices. But, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can keep away from it by way of the use of a VPN for Kodi. A VPN will genuinely mask all of the streaming requests out of your tool and your ISP can no longer even get a whiff of it.

Since your ISP can not inform whether a statistics transaction belongs to Kodi, they’ll no longer be capable of blocking it. ExpressVPN has been my first-rate for a long time now. It is the quickest and most reliable VPN carrier I have ever used. ExpressVPN safeguards your net connection against folks who are prying on your online sports along with your ISP. Express VPN also prevents me from internet throttling, which frequently has a tendency to sluggish down my Kodi enjoy.

2. Kodi Crashes Frequently – Get the Latest Update

If Kodi is crashing too often, the primary factor you need to ascertain is whether you have the state-of-the-art version. At the time of writing this newsletter, Kodi 20.2 is the brand new stable, and officially launched version. To test the Kodi model on your device, observe the stairs beneath.

1. Go to the Kodi domestic screen and click the Settings icon on the higher left. Settings is the cog icon that is located under the Kodi emblem.

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes
Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

2. Now, click System Information on the following window

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes
Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

3. On the lowest right of the next window, you’ll see the Kodi model. As you can see within the picture under indicates the older model. If you don’t have the modern-day version, you’ll need to update Kodi.

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes
Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

For some reason, Kodi doesn’t assist you in replacing itself from in the application.

There aren’t many approaches to updating Kodi to the most recent version. The replacement techniques are commonly risky and unpredictable. So, every time there may be a new edition of Kodi available, it’s miles excellent to uninstall Kodi for your device and go for a sparkling installation, I understand that you may have added some add-ons and made changes to settings.

It is proper that every one of them could be misplaced when you reinstall Kodi. But, what I have noticed is that many add-ons don’t paint with the new version, and the old settings aren’t frequently relevant. You can set up Kodi on Android from Google Play Store and on Windows from Microsoft Store. On FireStick, you may want to aspect-load Kodi as it’s far yet no longer featured in the Amazon Store. FireStick users can also replace the more modern model of Kodi while not having to lose the data.

3. Kodi Repositories Not Working

Kodi repositories are the libraries that host the addons and build. Kodi has a respectable repository called the Kodi Add-on Repository. This repository has some video add-ons, utilities, and more. But, it’s far the third-celebration repositories like Kodi Bae and Fusion which can be more famous and more broadly used. The 0.33-party repositories are created with the aid of unbiased builders. There are dozens of repositories accessible and not all of them are similarly popular. To get a Kodi repository, you add a supply to Kodi and then set up the repository from that source.

If any of the Kodi repositories are not operating, you may not be able to set up the addons or builds from them. So, how do you repair this issue? Unfortunately, for most components, there is nothing you can do about it. Even whilst you set up a repository domestically, its content material continues to be saved on a far-off server.

If you can not deploy an addon or a build via Kodi, this generally means there is trouble with the server. While popular repositories are nicely maintained, the now not-so-popular ones are not. You will want to look ahead to the server to be online once more for the repository to paint. If the repository doesn’t work for numerous days, there may be a hazard it has been discontinued.

If you believe you studied there’s a neighborhood difficulty with the repository that has nothing to do with the server, you could strive for a few common troubleshooting strategies. Go beforehand and reinstall the repository. Sometimes, it might fix the problem. You may additionally need to reboot the device and test if it makes the repository work. If nothing seems to paint, uninstall Kodi and reinstall it. It may help! But, do remember that local troubles with repositories are extraordinarily rare. In all likelihood, there may be a problem with the server.

4. Kodi Stopped Working Suddenly

I haven’t faced this problem in the long term so I believe it’s miles secure to mention that the trouble is uncommon. But, I don’t forget that Kodi stopped operating abruptly for me whilst it had worked best for multiple hours in the past. Every time I attempted to run Kodi it might both take a long time to release or throw a few errors. After scratching the back of my head for a while, I figured that at least one crucial report inside the Kodi setup folder should have long gone corrupt causing the app to not load well.

I reinstalled Kodi and it began working quality again. If that’s the type of hassle you are stuck with, I reckon reinstallation is the only answer. However, recognize that this may cause you to lose your Kodi records and your installed add-ons might be gone. Unfortunately, there aren’t loads we can do approximately it. You may also share the Kodi log document at the Kodi support discussion board and test if they could help you with your issue.

5. Kodi Builds OR/AND Add-ons Not Working

The first aspect I would like you to determine is if all the addons aren’t running or is it just a few (or probably just one). If the Kodi construct isn’t always loading then none of your addons will paintings. This appears more just like the trouble with the build and no longer the add-ons. It could be an amazing concept to look up Google (or another seek engine of your desire) and discover if there may be a regarded issue with that unique construct. Usually, the interface of the construct hundreds up as it is stored regionally in your machine but the build isn’t always able to fetch the statistics from the server.

If it’s the problem with the Kodi build, once more the handiest answer is to uninstall Kodi and reinstall it. Uninstalling the construct from Kodi doesn’t seem pretty easy because it includes this type of complicated manner. This is why I constantly go with a clean installation of the app. In case you are not the use of any construct but it is the Kodi addons no longer operating, the first factor you will need to do is take a look at the net connection. Make sure your tool is hooked up to the internet. If the net is running all right, cross ahead and reboot the device.

This will refresh the OS as well as the app and may restore the difficulty. In case you are experiencing issues with only some addons then this can be a server difficulty. Kodi addons not working typically means they are not fetching any streaming hyperlinks or the hyperlinks they are scraping are not streaming any content material. This problem is more common than you would like and often impacts the lesser-known addons. My recommendation is to go for one of the extra famous Kodi add-ons.

6. Kodi Buffering Issues

When my Kodi is not operating, I generally uninstall the app and reinstall it. It fixes loads of troubles. But, once I run into Kodi buffering problems, I need to do more than that. There are some approaches to take care of the buffering troubles together with:

  • Clearing the Cache
  • Increasing the Video cache length in Kodi
  • Using a VPN
  • Using a Code

You can read more about it in detail in our special Kodi buffering manual.

7. Reset Kodi to Default

In this guide, I have repeatedly pointed out uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi. That’s a great idea as it makes sure any lacking installation files are redeployed for your device. But, I could admit that not all the Kodi issues require reinstalling. You may even clear Kodi facts and reset it to default. This way you can spare yourself some greater attempt. You can reset Kodi to system default the usage of the Ares Wizard. Here is how you can do it:

1. Install Ares Wizard on Kodi

2. From the Kodi domestic screen, visit Add-ons > Program accessories and run Ares Wizard

3. Click the ‘More’ tab at the top proper at the Ares Wizard interface

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes
Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

4. Click the ‘Erase all facts/Fresh Start’ button

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes
Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

5. Click ‘Yes’ while the following activities appear

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes
Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

6. Now you’ll see the following window. If you would like to hold your favorites, sources, and addon settings, pick them out. The little gray dot next will turn inexperienced upon selecting the object (see the photo under). Click the ‘Proceed’ button at the lowest of this window to retain

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes
Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

You also can reset Kodi records on FireStick and discover ways to lower back up your Kodi information earlier than resetting it.


That’s pretty tons what you may do when Kodi isn’t running in any respect or the manner it is supposed to. As is amply clear in this guide, the bulk of your Kodi problems can be resolved with the aid of either casting off the app and reinstalling it or clearing the Kodi facts. Sometimes, something as simple as the device reboot looks after the trouble. You can restore most of the local Kodi problems. However, server issues are beyond the area of our control. I hope this manual helped you together with your Kodi troubles. Please feel free to fill us in if you have any hints or questions inside the feedback segment below.


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