How to Fix If FireStick Remote Is Not Working

This article shows the way to restore your FireStick far flung isn’t always working. We have blanketed the answers which have worked for users on the internet.

One night time, I became looking one in every of my favourite movies on my FireStick device. I took a short destroy and collected a beverage from the refrigerator. I held out the Fire Stick far off to the TV to pause the movie, however nothing took place.

I pressed the buttons again and again, but the device wouldn’t reply, and the film kept gambling. I pulled out the plug from the strength deliver, hoping that rebooting may do the trick.

FireStick rebooted commonly, however the faraway didn’t work. It took me some extra mins to recognise some thing became incorrect with the FireStick remote.

If you have got run into comparable issues and your Amazon FireStick far off is not working, you would need to get it constant. So, here is a have a look at the various causes and the solutions I actually have observed. Keep analyzing! 

How to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working

I have outlined commonplace motives that reason troubles with FireStick / Fire TV Stick Lite / Fire TV Cube faraway. Go thru them for my part, and I am hopeful your far off will paintings again.

1. Check the FireStick Remote Batteries

Amazon FireStick Remote is one electricity-hungry accent. I can safely say that if the remote isn’t working, there’s a large threat the batteries have run out of rate.

The battery depletes without any warning. If your FireStick faraway stops operating (annoyingly within the midnight whilst you don’t actually have any spare batteries), I will put my bet at the battery. Honestly, I am unsure why the remote consumes so much battery power. Sometimes, the battery runs dry in only more than one weeks.

The FireStick faraway makes use of Alexa, voice recognition, and voice command technology. Some would possibly need to pin the blame on Alexa. But it’s now not just like the faraway is usually listening. You need to keep down the Alexa button at the far flung for it to start listening.

Notwithstanding the motives, the best possibly answer is to apply top-high-quality alkaline batteries and preserve the spares accessible. Alkaline batteries are the nice, and that they maintain your FireStick remote working the longest. Though, don’t buy just any alkaline. Buy the branded ones from a reputed manufacturer.

I may have even recommended the rechargeable alkaline battery a week ago if I hadn’t encountered a hassle with mine. One of the faraway batteries leaked out, and a white residue was deposited on the connector. Even the emblem-new battery did now not paintings till I scraped off the white fabric.

So, forgive me if I am uncertain about the rechargeable batteries. This rings a bell in my memory that it’d be an excellent idea to eliminate the batteries and check for any residual deposits from the battery leaks at the connectors. Cleaning them might just get your FireStick far off working once more.

You likely already understand the batteries have the ‘+’ (plus) and ‘-‘(minus) ends. The connectors in the battery compartment additionally have + and – facets. The + aspect of the battery aligns with the + of the connector (and the minuses will robotically align). I positioned the batteries the wrong manner and struggled with the far off for some time.

If your Amazon FireStick far off is still now not running even after cleaning the battery connectors and using new batteries, maintain reading for extra solutions!

2. Did You Pair the FireStick Remote Already?

Usually, the out-of-the-box FireStick far off comes pre-paired with the device. If it is not paired, you need to do it routinely. Or, in case your new/substitute FireStick far off isn’t always operating, there’s a chance it isn’t paired efficiently. Pairing is simple. Follow the stairs under.

  1. Plug in FireStick into the HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Power on both FireStick and your TV.
  3. When FireStick boots up, maintain down the Home button on the faraway for at the least 10 seconds.
  4. This will pair with the Amazon FireStick far off and should start running.

If it doesn’t pair, press and keep the Home button again for 10-20 seconds. Users often had to repeat the manner numerous times for a successful pairing.

three. Connection Limit

FireStick may be connected to up to 7 Bluetooth devices, which include the far flung controllers. You need to disconnect as a minimum one if you have already connected 7 devices. Here is how you can try this:

  1. Select Settings from the FireStick home display screen.
  2. Open Controllers & Bluetooth Devices on the subsequent display.
  3. You will see the listing of all of the related devices. Just choose the device you desire to unpair and comply with the onscreen commands.

Remember that if the faraway doesn’t pair along with your FireStick tool on the first strive, strive once more. Usually, it connects the primary time, however in rare instances, it can take 2 to 3 attempts.

If the difficulty persists, you ought to strive the subsequent solution, #four, for resetting and re-pairing the far off. It has labored for lots users.

4. Pair Your FireStick Remote Properly

Some buttons don’t work when the far off isn’t successfully paired with your FireStick device. Hold the Home button at the far off for at the least 10 seconds to pair it again.

If it nonetheless does no longer paintings, comply with the stairs to reset your faraway and re-pair it with FireStick:

Note: The following steps DO NOT reset your FireStick to manufacturing facility settings. They reset and unpair your far flung and pair it once more with FireStick.

  1. Disconnect your FireStick from the strength supply (unplug the adapter from the strength outlet or the FireStick tool).
  2. Hold down the following buttons (all of them collectively) for at least 20 seconds: Back, Menu, and Left a part of the navigation ring.
  1. Take off the batteries from the FireStick remote.
  2. Power in your FireStick and wait until you see the home screen for your TV.
  3. Insert the batteries again into your FireStick far off.
  4. Wait for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Your FireStick remote must have already paired. Hold the Home button for as a minimum 10 seconds if it hasn’t paired.

5. Is Your FireStick Remote Compatible?

Another popular solution for the FireStick far flung not operating is to check the far flung’s compatibility. It’s even greater crucial in case your far flung is a alternative device. However, this solution is not for users who have out-of-the-field remotes.

Many third parties and sources sell remotes well suited with FireStick. So, before shopping, ensure that the far flung works with your own FireStick generation and version. It consists of in-house remotes, 0.33-party ones, and precise FireStick-well suited game controllers.

Next, additionally bear in mind that not all FireStick remotes may be used interchangeably.

Moreover, many sellers promote reasonably-priced replicas of the unique far flung by copying the design and format. Although those may go first of all, ultimately, a duplicate will motive troubles. Such remotes might also sense low-exceptional and difficult. So, always buy from actual resources and dealers to keep away from scams.

6. Is Your FireStick Remote Damaged?

Have you accompanied all the troubleshooting techniques, yet the faraway refuses to paintings? Maybe it’s time to peer if the device is damaged or broken. Physical damage can be evident from the far off’s situation and outlook. So, insert the batteries and try pressing the buttons to look if they work smoothly. You also can assess the faraway’s condition and spot if it has predominant scratches or cracks.

Similarly, you could also try the usage of the faraway on any other FireStick (when you have one) and spot if the problem persists. If the FireStick far flung is dead and doesn’t work on any compatible FireStick, it’s time to toss it out. Sadly, a broken remote should get replaced, as temporary fixes aren’t an extended-term answer.

However, the best news is that you may quick get a brand new FireStick remote from Amazon for only some dollars. Amazon sells lots of FireStick-well matched remotes from third parties and reliable assets. These can also include additional buttons and functions, too. So, take a look at the reviews for your preferred FireStick far off on Amazon and pick the one with a positive score.

7. Amazon Fire TV Remote App – Your Backup

Is the Amazon Fire TV faraway not operating yet? Or, you ran out of batteries in the dead of night and not using a spare batteries. This doesn’t should render your FireStick device useless. You can still manage the device the use of the Amazon Fire TV Remote App.

This app converts your cellphone into a far flung and lets you engage with FireStick simply as you’ll with the physical faraway.

Amazon Fire TV Remote app is to be had for both Android and iOS structures. Go in advance and down load the app and set it up along with your FireStick or Fire TV tool. Just make certain your phone and FireStick device are linked to the same WiFi community.

8. Other Generic Solutions

I attempted all the possible fixes, yet the FireStick far off now not operating issue persists. Here are a few customary solutions that could help you:

  • Gauge the Distance: Ideally, the FireStick far off must be saved inside 10 toes of the FireStick. It’s the favored distance between each gadgets to work seamlessly. So, if you’re sitting in a huge room or are farther away from the television, strive transferring closer.
  • Remove any Obstacles: FireStick remotes pair with the streaming stick thru Bluetooth. Therefore, you don’t need to maintain each devices close to each different. Any boundaries, like furnishings objects, might also motive a disruption inside the sign. Similarly, keeping the tv inner cabinets or an enclosed area might also hamper the signals. So, do away with any objects between both gadgets and see if the issue is fixed.
  • Minimize Electrical Devices: Although uncommon, masses of electrical devices within the equal room can turn out to be disrupting the indicators from each other. So, you could strive minimizing devices near the FireStick and then test the faraway.
  • Unplug the Device: If nothing else works, a brief restart may additionally repair most glitches or software bugs. Unplug your FireStick from the tv and strength source, and wait a few seconds. Then, plug it again in and try the use of the remote.


Most of the FireStick far flung problems I have skilled to date were related to the batteries. The far off drains out the battery quicker than I like. Therefore, while my FireStick faraway isn’t operating, I troubleshoot the batteries first. I actually have also established the Amazon Fire TV Remote app on my cellphone as a backup.

In this newsletter, I even have tried to cover all of the possible causes that might get you into remote issues and all of the viable answers. If you have got any new or special experiences, I might very similar to you to percentage them with us within the comments section under. Thank you for reading!

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