Fire TV Cube Review – Is It Really What You Expected?

Fire TV Cube is absolutely a Fire TV 2017 with barely upgraded hardware and integrated Echo Dot, Amazon’s very very own, Alexa powered speaker-cum-virtual assistant.

What’s Good:

  • Increased storage (from 8 GB on Fire TV 2017 to now sixteen GB)
  • Out of the box Ethernet Adapter
  • Echo Dot integration

What’s Not Good:

  • Same hardware specifications as Fire TV 2017 except greater garage
  • Does now not consist of HDMI cable. Must be offered separately
  • More high priced than Fire TV 2017 & Echo Dot blend

It is clear that Amazon is trying to make Alexa a household call. Alexa’s integration with a lot of its top audio and video devices isn’t a secret. The Fire TV & FireStick line of gadgets already have the Alexa competencies. Now, things are purported to get extra exciting as Amazon marries Fire TV, Alexa, and Echo Dot in one package deal branded as Fire TV Cube and offers it to you for a price you wouldn’t call reasonably priced. Available for $119 while I write this evaluation, Cube seems to be slowly falling in keeping with Apple TV. But, even as there’s only a $60 really worth of catching up to do at price (due to the fact Apple TV is priced at $179), there may be a whole lot to cowl in capabilities and hardware specs

It might be unfair to compare Cube with Apple TV, for they’re two extraordinary classes of gadgets. In this evaluation of Fire TV Cube, I will lay it out with more familial gadgets, Fire TV (2017) and Echo Dot.

Hardware First! 

Hardware first because that is what the complete person enjoy is constructed upon. I will take Amazon Fire TV 2017 because the benchmark for assessment as it became the ultimate iteration within the Fire TV line of devices earlier than Cube.

Fire TV Cube packs Echo Dot, the already popular smart speaker, which the 2017 Fire TV does not. But, for now, we slide Echo Dot apart and look at the middle hardware abilties of Fire TV Cube as a media tool.

Fire TV Cube is exactly your 2017 model Fire TV, but with extra storage. This tool offers a 16 GB inner garage in comparison to Fire TV, which handiest has 8 GB. Even although Cube doubles the storage ability, 16 GB isn’t an entire lot for those who like to download and shop videos. But, just like the different Fire TV devices, you may make bigger the storage with the OTG adapter.

Fire TV Cube Review
Fire TV Cube Review

Besides multiplied garage, all different hardware specs continue to be identical. Cube has the equal 1.5 GHz processor as Fire TV, 2 GB RAM, and MIMO Wi-Fi. This tool also supports HDR10 and isn’t always compatible with HDR10+ much like Fire TV, plays 4K movies and gives Dolby Atmos surround sound audio high-quality.

Cube connects for your TV thru HDMI. But, it’s miles tough to consider it does now not ship the HDMI cable out of the box. When you’re paying $a hundred and twenty for a device like this, that’s the least you’ll anticipate. I become clearly disillusioned to discover this truth after I unpacked Cube. If you don’t have already got an HDMI cable, you could’t get started looking at videos right away. Even FireStick, the cheapest in the Fire TV line of media gadgets, comes with an HDMI extension. So, upload the HDMI cable to the buying cart while you purchase Fire TV Cube.

I almost forgot to mention. Cube ships an Ethernet adapter within the field for stressed-out connectivity. This is every other improve from Fire TV, which requires an additional $14.99 Ethernet adapter for wired internet connection.

Both, Cube and Fire TV 2017 have the exact equal far flung controller. I was hoping Amazon would add the volume control button at ultimate, although it did now not.

Now Echo Dot

Fire TV and Echo Dot (two separate gadgets) collectively can do pretty much everything the Fire TV Cube can. In truth, you could buy the combo for $94.99 on Amazon. Cube charges you approximately $22 extra and offers you a further 8 GB and a built-in Ethernet port.

If you already personal one of the Echo Dot gadgets, Fire TV Cube doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Echo Dot as a separate gadget can do just about the whole thing the Echo Dot inside the Cube can. You can manipulate a number of smart gadgets and domestic appliances with Alexa integration together with your TV, gaming consoles, lighting, and a lot more.

There is any other venture, in retaining Echo Dots in the proximity. If you are the use of the equal wake phrase, both would possibly respond to the identical instructions simultaneously causing lots of bewilderment, specially while both are kept in proximity. It is exceptional to preserve both these Alexa devices in separate rooms or change the wake word on one among them in case you intend to maintain the usage of them in the same room.

That said, the Fire TV Cube Echo Dot is right at paying attention to and executing your instructions. But, the genuine strength of this kind of tool lies in its capability to listen in now not-so-best audible situations. That’s where Echo Dot certainly shines. It can hear and understand your commands from across the room and even over loud songs. I for my part examined Echo Dot with my home-theater and the effects have been pleasant. From over 5 toes and pretty loud track gambling, it can hear me and carry out my commands.

“Alexa, flip up the quantity”

“Alexa, turn down the volume”

“Alexa, play the previous song”

“Alexa, play the subsequent song”

Try not to maintain the Cube too near the blaring speaker or you may must shout your lungs out for Echo Dot to hear you.

I turned into curious to recognize how Echo Dot might work with the Fire TV Cube interface as the Alexa on Fire TV 2017 provided constrained functionality. Echo Dot speedy opened all of the apps I requested it to, took me to the Settings, searched apps for me, helped me download apps, and a bunch of different matters. But, I was a bit dissatisfied with how it treated my requests to navigate through the list of the apps on the house screen as well as within the Your Apps & Channels segment. I became manner higher off with the remote than getting flustered giving instructions Alexa couldn’t carry out.

But, I wasn’t discouraged. I knew Echo Dots competencies extend far beyond the Cube’s interface and it is able to do plenty greater for me.

I ran into another assignment with Alexa. When I requested her to open Netflix, Hulu, Downloader, or ES File Explorer, it launched those apps promptly. When I commanded her to run KodiMobdro, and Tea Tv, she were given at a loss for words and couldn’t open these apps. What’s the distinction? The apps Alexa ought to rapidly open are all downloaded from the Amazon App Store. The apps it couldn’t had been sideloaded on FireStick. Point being, Alexa is smart enough to open the App Store apps but no longer smart sufficient to run the third-celebration, facet-loaded apps.

Fire TV Cube has the identical 0.6” Echo Dot speaker as the $50 Echo Dot. It is a basic speaker with out woofers and no Dolby assist. Sound high quality is acceptable when you need to experience tune at low quantity and don’t need to turn to your bigger audio system as they will consume extra electricity.

Wrapping Up – Fire TV Cube Review

If you’ve got Fire TV 2017, buying Fire TV Cube doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I might instead buy a $50 Echo Dot and $15 Ethernet adapter and nonetheless store more than $50. If you need extra storage, you can continually buy an OTG adapter one after the other. A correct first-rate OTG adapter could value you everywhere between $5 and $10. And, don’t overlook the Cube doesn’t deliver HDMI cable inside the container. You want to shop for it one after the other. A 6-feet cable costs around $8.

I trust that Amazon ought to have packed a beefier tool than what it ships for $120. In truth, I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $10 for a extra powerful processor. All Fire TV gadgets are a bit sluggish.

If you don’t own a Fire TV already, I think Fire TV Cube may be an awesome beginning. Since it mashes gadgets into one, your installation would be much less cluttered. Echo Dot is simply as good with Cube as it’s far one by one. You can manipulate your smart home equipment, TV, home-theater systems, and a extensive array of clever devices.

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