Best FireStick Ethernet Adapter & How to Set Up (Nov 2023)

In this guide, I’ll assist you choose the satisfactory Ethernet adapter for your Fire TV tool, whether it’s a FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K, FireStick 4K Max, or Fire TV Cube. This manual will assist you to understand the basics of an Ethernet adapter, why to use one, and how to pick out one. This guide consists of the 5 best adapters you may buy nowadays, along with how you may set one up and resolve compatibility issues.

FireStick devices are the most popular in the streaming area. Nothing else even comes near. They’re rapid, versatile, clean to use, and, most significantly, less costly.

You can count on some critical performance from FireStick hardware. These gadgets can manage stressful games and apps with out breaking a sweat. (That said, in case your FireStick is beginning to respond slowly, it can be time to do some upkeep.)

However, even if your device is working flawlessly, video playback can stutter if your net connection isn’t up to speed.

But you don’t should fear. As they say, there’s an answer for every trouble. So, sit down down, take a deep breath, and permit me to introduce FireStick Ethernet adapters. 

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What Is a FireStick Ethernet Adapter?

A FireStick tool connects to your own home Wi-Fi network. While the mobility of wi-fi connections is 2nd to none, they may be quite unreliable. You can virtually make your Wi-Fi extra dependable with a Wi-Fi extender, however wonderful Wi-Fi extenders are luxurious.

That’s wherein FireStick Ethernet adapters comes into play.

With a FireStick Ethernet adapter, you can provide net directly out of your router for your tool via a cable. Just like you could join your PC to a router with an Ethernet cable, you could do the identical when you have a FireStick Ethernet adapter. 

Since a FireStick Ethernet adapter is an elective hardware addition to the device, it received’t be included with any model of Amazon FireStick.

Note: When you buy a FireStick Ethernet adapter, it gained’t come with an Ethernet cable. If you don’t already very own an Ethernet cable, you’ll want to get an Ethernet cable to use any Ethernet adapter with your FireStick. But earlier than purchasing a cable, see if you can locate and use the only that in the beginning got here together with your router.

Why Use a FireStick Ethernet Adapter

Who love wires? Absolutely no person, right? After all, the idea of “wi-fi everything” is preferred international for a cause. 

So, why might you want to connect an Ethernet adapter for your FireStick and need to plug it into your router, anywhere that can be? Why now not stay with Wi-Fi? Well, study on.

Faster & More Reliable

When it comes to raw speed results, even inside the cutting-edge day, there’s no evaluation among stressed out and wireless connection. Wi-Fi is constantly slower than an otherwise comparable stressed out connection, even in case you’re the use of the Wi-Fi near your router. Having rapid net speeds via a stressed connection way you’ll be able to flow and watch content properly with minimum buffering.

Additionally, wireless connections are liable to latency and jittering due to the dynamic nature of wi-fi signals. A wired connection removes those factors and smooths out video playback.

Better Security

For those of you who don’t recognize, wireless connections are pretty susceptible to various phishing, hacking, and malware assaults. Also, with sufficient attempt, your property router’s Wi-Fi password may be hacked. The end result? Data leaks, privateness invasion, pastime monitoring, and extra.

On the alternative hand, no one can intercept the wireless connection to your FireStick if it doesn’t exist. Long tale short, using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi makes your FireStick extra steady. 

Prioritized Access

Did you understand routers prioritize gadgets which might be linked by twine over the wi-fi ones? That means wired connections get higher pace and connection first-rate, even with out thinking about the hardware implications.

FireStick Ethernet Adapter Buying Guide

You’ll discover heaps of FireStick Ethernet adapters at the net and nearby marketplaces. As you best need to select one, you may be confused or have 2nd mind, and you could even make a terrible decision.

So, earlier than you drool over the ambitious advertising claims of the numerous Ethernet adapters for FireStick, below are some deciding elements you must recall with a purpose to select the first-class adapter to your device.

Adapter Speed

Speed is one of the maximum essential factors when shopping for a FireStick Ethernet adapter. Since the tool is in price of providing you with internet access, it need to guide high internet speeds.

The adapter wishes to switch your internet connection via the micro-USB. Therefore, if the micro-USB has a low data switch fee, it may limit the bandwidth your FireStick gets. 

Your Setup’s Max Speed

You may not obtain the speed indicated by way of the adapter relying at the inherent pace of your net and the Ethernet cable you operate.

For instance, many Ethernet adapters marketplace information transfer speeds of 480 Mb/s. But if you get hold of simplest 100 Mb/s from your net provider issuer, you’ll nevertheless be confined to that a hundred Mb/s.

Similarly, in case you’re the use of an vintage Cat5 Ethernet cable with a 100 Mb/s pace limit, you’ll be restricted to 100 Mb/s even in case your other hardware supports higher speeds.

Between your original net velocity, your Ethernet cable speed, and the adapter pace, you’ll get hold of, at pleasant, the lowest of the 3.

Adapter Size

You definitely don’t need a cumbersome, shapeless piece of hardware, right? I listing the size of each adapter up front so that you realize precisely what every one involves. The smaller the higher.

Also, you ought to take a look at the length of the adapter’s strength cable to make certain it may reach an outlet together with your setup.

FireStick Model Support

What’s a FireStick Ethernet adapter precise for if it isn’t supported via your FireStick?

The Ethernet adapter you’re looking to buy must be well suited with your FireStick. I word which FireStick models every adapter is well matched with, but earlier than shopping for one, you should verify that your version is listed on the manufacturer’s product page.

There are many models of FireStick, so earlier than analyzing about the Ethernet adapters I advocate beneath, you must verify which model you own.

Most FireStick devices are well matched with most Ethernet adapters. However, there are some exceptions: 1st Generation FireSticks aren’t supported by maximum Ethernet adapters. Additionally, the new models like the FireStick 4K Max and FireStick Lite aren’t officially well suited with most adapters, even though some adapters will work with those fashions anyway.

Adapter Brand

When selecting an Ethernet adapter, being emblem-aware can emerge as a smart choice. Here’s what I suggest.

The internet and your local shops will market tons of FireStick Ethernet adapters. Some throw out wild claims mixed with low expenses within the desire of influencing your purchase. But that doesn’t imply you can trust them. So what are you able to do? Simply believe the brands that have been in the game for as a minimum a few years and have gathered a proven patron base.

In this manual, I most effective advise Ethernet adapters from brands you may agree with.

Adapter Versatility

The Ethernet adapter you’re shopping for your FireStick have to be versatile, meaning it supports different streaming gadgets you could have.

There are many FireStick Ethernet adapters on the market that also assist diverse other gadgets. When buying one, do take a look at the list of all well matched devices. The longer the list, the better.

On the other hand, in case you’re positive you’ll most effective be the usage of the adapter for your FireStick, this factor isn’t critical.

Top 5 Best Ethernet Adapters for FireStick

We’re achieved learning about the essentials of FireStick Ethernet adapters.

Now, I’ll assessment the five most tremendously rated Ethernet adapters for FireStick. I’m certain one in every of them is ideal for you.

1. Cable Matters Micro USB to Ethernet Adapter

Supports: Fire TV Stick third Gen, Fire TV Stick second Gen, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube

Max pace: 480 Mb/s (60 MB/s)

Weight: 2.89 oz

Dimensions: 4.Seventy two x 3.Ninety four x zero.59 inches

Brand: Cable Matters

You may be wondering, Yeah, I realize the cable subjects—you simply informed me within the preceding phase. Slow down, clever guy, it’s the emblem of the product! The Micro USB to Ethernet Adapter by using Cable Matters is one of the first-class adapters you may buy in your FireStick.

In addition to the FireStick models this adapter supports, it really works with Chromecast 1 / 2 / Audio / Ultra, Google Mini Home, and Raspberry Pi Zero.

To keep away from boundaries with users’ setups, the USB cord for electricity and the micro-USB to hook up with your FireStick are each 3 feet lengthy.

With 1,four hundred+ rankings on Amazon, the Cable Matters Ethernet adapter is one of the finest options to choose from.   

2. Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon FireStick Devices

Supports: Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 2d Gen, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV 3rd Gen

Max velocity: a hundred Mb/s (12.Five MB/s)

Weight: 1 ounce

Dimensions: 1.79 x 0.74 x 2 inches

Brand: Amazon

What can go wrong if Amazon creates an reputable Ethernet adapter for its products?

The Amazon Ethernet Adapter helps latest FireStick fashions as well as previous generations. Since it’s made particularly for FireStick devices, you just need to plug it in and also you must be excellent to go. The device feels and looks premium, and the hardware is product of high-quality substances.

The adapter extends 9 to ten inches from the micro-USB connector. If that works for you, the legitimate Amazon Ethernet adapter is a product you could agree with. 

3. Smays Ethernet Adapter with USB Hub

Supports: Fire TV third Gen, Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen, Fire TV Cube

Max speed: one hundred Mb/s (12.Five MB/s)

Weight: 1.12 ounces

Dimensions: ‎3.74 x zero.83 x zero.Fifty nine inches

Brand: Smays

The Ethernet Adapter with USB Hub by way of Smays is more than simply your regular adapter. With this product, you can join up to a few additional USB gadgets, like a mouse, a keyboard, or outside garage. 

Other than the Fire TV products, you could use this adapter with Chromecast Ultra / 1 / 2 / Audio, Sharp Roku TV, and Echo Show.

The adapter is powered by a USB that needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. Despite this reality, the Smays Ethernet Adapter with USB Hub is one of the most versatile adapters you can purchase in your FireStick. 

4. UGREEN Ethernet Adapter

Supports: Fire TV 3rd Gen, Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, and Fire TV Stick second Gen

Max pace: one hundred Mb/s (12.5 MB/s)

Weight: 1.Forty one oz.

Dimensions: 2.Forty two x 1.02 x 0.Seventy one inches


UGREEN makes cables, strength banks, networking products, and extra without compromising on great. The UGREEN Ethernet Adapter is no exception. Users have tried this adapter with other FireStick fashions and located that maximum are like minded.

The UGREEN Ethernet Adapter capabilities 3.3-foot strength and micro-USB cables that will let you set it up just about everywhere you want. The design is a graceful, all-black rectangle.

With 6,400+ rankings on Amazon, this adapter is one of the most reliable ones in the listing.

five. TV xStream Ethernet Adapter

Supports:Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen, Fire TV Stick third Gen, Fire TV Stick 4K

Max speed: one hundred Mb/s (12.5 MB/s)

Weight: 1.06 ounces

Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 1 inches

Brand: TV xStream

Want to store a couple of bucks but don’t need to compromise on quality? Although the TV xStream Ethernet Adapter won’t look vibrant and top class like different alternatives, it gets the process completed pretty nicely.

In addition to the formally supported models, customers have suggested that it’s compatible with most of the opposite FireStick fashions. Apart from that, this adapter works perfectly with Chromecast Ultra / 1 / 2 / Audio, Google Home Mini, Raspberry Pi Zero, and Roku Express.

The setup of this adapter is a piece exclusive. Along with the adapter itself, you get a female USB related to a male micro-USB and a female micro-USB. The adapter connects to the woman USB port, the woman micro-USB connects to your FireStick power, and the male micro-USB connects to the FireStick.

How to Set Up An Ethernet Adapter With A FireStick

Have you made your purchase? You may also want to bookmark this manual so you can discuss with this segment while your adapter is added.

If your adapter has already been added, it’s time to set it up with your FireStick. Most Ethernet adapters are installation the identical manner, so the subsequent steps apply to maximum cases. However, I also cowl a few exceptions.

Step 1: Connect Ethernet Adapter to FireStick

Unwrap your Ethernet adapter and any add-ons that got here with it. Unplug your FireStick out of your TV. Remember which HDMI port it turned into in so you can plug it again into the equal one later.

Now, take the male micro-USB on your Ethernet adapter and join it to the micro-USB port in your FireStick.

Note: If your Ethernet adapter has a separate accessory with a male micro-USB (like the TV xStream adapter), honestly connect the accessory’s male micro-USB in your FireStick instead. Then, connect the accent’s female USB to the male USB at the adapter itself.

Step 2: Connect Ethernet Adapter to Router

Now, it’s time to offer a stressed out internet connection to your FireStick. 

Plug one stop of your Ethernet cable into your router and the other give up into the adapter’s Ethernet port. Make sure each ends are tightly linked, as loose fitting can result in compatibility and identity problems.

You shouldn’t want to install any drivers, as maximum Ethernet adapters provide plug-and-play technology.

Step 3: Connect FireStick to TV

You have linked your router to the Ethernet adapter and the adapter for your FireStick. Now, it’s time to connect your FireStick to your TV.

Carefully pick up your FireStick and ensure the connections are intact. Then, plug it into the identical HDMI port for your TV that it turned into at the start plugged into.

Step 4: Connect Ethernet Adapter to Power Source

We want a strength source! Plug the male USB of the Ethernet adapter into a wall charger. If feasible, use the wall charger that in the beginning came with your FireStick.

Then, plug the wall charger into a close-by electricity outlet.

Note: If the Ethernet adapter comes with an accessory (just like the TV xStream adapter), you’ll need the male USB to male micro-USB cable that got here along with your FireStick. Connect the male USB to the wall charger and the male micro-USB to the woman micro-USB on the accessory.

Step five: Enjoy!

Once you’re executed with the steps above, switch on your TV and, if essential, transfer to the HDMI input to your FireStick.

Press the home button on your FireStick far flung to make sure your TV recognizes your FireStick.

Your FireStick will start up and automatically connect to the internet. It should come across your Ethernet connection and have to now not connect to Wi-Fi.

If you need to make sure your FireStick won’t by chance switch to Wi-Fi, you may go to Settings > Network > scroll to your Wi-Fi community > press the alternatives button (three horizontal lines) for your FireStick remote to neglect the community.

Final Words

In this guide, I explained why you should use a FireStick Ethernet adapter, confirmed you how to choose the one that’s right for you, and reviewed the excellent adapters money can buy.

So, which Ethernet adapter did you buy to your FireStick? How is it running for you? Let me and other readers recognize within the comments phase. If you’ve got any questions or tips about FireStick Ethernet adapters, please percentage those as properly.

Till then, glad wire-reducing—or must I say glad wire-plugging?


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